Limited Edition Dogwood Centennial Star Ornament with Crystals (Aluminum)

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1 OF 5000. The Limited Edition Centennial Star Collection is taking the art of our ornament making to places it has never been. Crystals adorn the aluminum handcrafted star, which is the first in a ten-year series that will end with our Centennial Celebration. To launch this collection and to mark our 90th year, we have chosen the dogwood design. One of our oldest and most popular dies, dogwood has been a significant part of Wendell August's history. Each year, a new ornament will be crafted to create an stunning 10 piece Crystal set. Every ornament will come in a beautiful red embossed boxed. Celebrate Wendell August and American craftsmanship with this truly elegant Centennial Star Collection.
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 6 x 4.5 INCHES
SKU: 13165139