Special Occasion Gifts

Special Occasion Gifts

Any given year is going to be full of holidays and special dates you’ll want to remember, and you should celebrate with gifts, such as personalized round plates and stunning crosses, that’ll evoke those precious memories for a lifetime. Wendell August Forge makes it easy to shop for those precious tokens that your friends, family, or spouse will cherish for the rest of their lives.

For example, during Christmas, our Swarovski Nativity ornaments in bronze or aluminum let you remember the reason for the season, celebrate the new baby in your life, and honor newlyweds. Of course, wedding anniversaries and birthdays are the perfect special occasions for gifts that include handcrafted jewelry and keepsake boxes.

We’ve barely scratched the surface—Wendell August Forge crafts kitchenware, wall hangings, photo frames and so much more. We’re your ticket for unique Valentine’s gifts, personalized anniversary gifts, and gifts for any special occasion you can think of. Shop now and bring some delight to the lives of you and your loved ones.

Enriching the Tapestry of Life

It's been said that life is a rich tapestry, filled with everything from love, laughter and dancing to pain, sadness and hope. Each moment is indeed a gift, though fleeting. As these moments pass by, what will we have to remember them?

Since 1923, Wendell August Forge has been helping people celebrate life's special moments and occasions with handcrafted, heirloom-quality giftware. We know that the importance of any object lies in the meaning attached to it, and creating meaningful keepsakes in metal has always been our focus.

Also, our dedication to tradition, heritage and history drives our passion to honor our forebears and their accomplishments. When you collect or gift a loved one with Wendell August Forge metalware, you are offering far more than just that piece, but the tradition, history and craftsmanship behind it.

Beautiful and Meaningful Personalized Gifts

In light of the above, Wendell August Forge is privileged to present an astounding array of premium-quality choices to commemorate the significant events in your life and those of the people you care about. Births, baptisms, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and retirements are just a few of the times that invite us to celebrate with unique and personal gifts. Many of these gifts can be personalized to make them even more of a cherished treasure.

Known for our authentic and artistically rendered designs, as well as meticulous handcrafting by skilled artisans, we urge you to browse the wide selection of gift possibilities. For example, the Seasons of Love Heart Ornament, a stunning piece accented by Swarovski crystals, is as wonderful for Valentine's Day as it is for celebrating an anniversary. The exquisite Amalfi Hostess Tray, rendered in copper through the talents of master die-engraver Len Youngo, makes an unforgettable wedding or housewarming present.

Celebrating a new addition to the family? Take a look at the precious Rocking Horse Ornament or Baby Zoo Balloon Plate. Or, at the opposite phase of life, memorialize a loved one who has passed with the inspiring Footprints Square Tray or the Praying Hands Tray.

Moments, memories and meaning - these are what we're about at Wendell August Forge. Let us be the shiny metallic thread running through the tapestry of your life.