Christmas Angel Ornaments When it comes to decorating for the holidays, perhaps no other symbol is more iconic than the classic Christmas angel. Explore our collection of the most beloved Christmas angel ornaments, including an array of exquisitely designed and authentically hand crafted pewter angel ornaments in a variety of enchanting styles.

Wendell August Forge has angel Christmas ornaments made from aluminum, copper, and pewter. Our ornaments are hand-forged and intricately made to highlight the significance and beauty of the holiday spirit. While these ornaments are great Christmas gifts, they can also be given as gifts for other special occasions. Browse all of our options and get an ornament to add to your Christmas decor or get a personalized angel ornament for a special loved one as a beautiful reminder of holiday celebrations.

Unique Christmas Angel Ornaments

Spread the glory of the holiday season every year with timeless handcrafted angel ornaments from Wendell August Forge. Angels have long been part of the story of Christmas. Their name is derived from the Late Latin word for "messenger", and it was an angel that let the world know about the birth of Jesus. A handmade angel Christmas ornament adds timeless beauty to your tree that befits the timeless story. Our ornaments are also wonderful gifts for family and friends. You don't have to wait until December 25, either - they'll get a well-deserved "wow" on all occasions.

Authentic Hanging Ornaments

The right ornaments will complement your Christmas décor for generations to come. The expert artisans of Wendell August Forge have come up with many takes on this classic holiday symbol. Annual Angel of Peace ornaments are a charming representation of an angel and dove engraved with the year to mark a moment in time. Our angel wings ornaments focus on these recognizable images crafted into the shape of hearts or bowed in remembrance. There are Angel of Harmony ornaments that bring people together and Herald Angel ornaments that you can almost hear singing the glory of Christmas. Other adornments include nativity angel ornaments, snow angel ornaments and angel ornament sets that combine elegance and whimsy.

Artisan-Crafted Beauty for All

These metal angel Christmas ornaments are hand-forged using a process based on ancient techniques that have stood the test of time. Order angel ornaments in aluminum, bronze, copper or pewter that have signature elements and the mark of the craftsman who created them. Wendell August Forge is proud to offer the most unique ornaments in the world that have been made in Pennsylvania since 1923. No matter the occasion, we help deepen relationships through handcrafted vintage and modern gifts. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our story or how to get in touch.