Crosses & Religious Gifts

Crosses & Religious Gifts

Whether you’re shopping for your own home or for the ideal gift for someone special, our unique selection of faith-based gifts is the perfect place to begin. Explore an array of decorative crosses, finely crafted jewelry, inspirational plaques, and so much more to discover your favorite new piece at Wendell August Forge.

Home Décor Crosses & Religious Gifts

Those who feel h4ly about their faith also have the desire to share it with others. Express your belief beautifully and tastefully with religious gifts and décor from Wendell August Forge. Outfitting your home or wardrobe with this finely crafted metalware conveys faith and inspires without being overbearing. These products are also a magnificent gift for others who share the same dedication to God. Shop for Christmas, Easter, First Communion, memorials and other holy days or get something that's a perfect addition to your everyday décor and has been artisan-crafted since 1923.

Faith-Based Gifts & Accessories

We make the most unique ornaments in the world and other decorations that always make an impression. Our Christmas crosses take on a special meaning every December, telling the holiday's story with remarkable original imagery produced using hand-etched dies. Many other personalized wall crosses are available, including Celtic crosses, Messiah crosses and praying hands crosses. An aluminum cross is a brilliant modern take on this timeless signal while bronze crosses have a vintage feel.

Our artisans have designed many other religious home gifts to make any room a place of renewal. Functional religious kitchenware can be used to serve special meals or as accessory trays for personal belongings. Order heart trays, blessing coasters and bread plates that deserve to be on display when they're not in use. We also sell inspirational scripture stones, picture frames, cross sitters, jewelry and other items that are American made.

Discover Quality Gifts

Honor long-standing family traditions or create new ones with décor and gifts that will renew your devotion. Every piece is unique to the metalworker who forges it with signature elements and a craftsman's mark that show it's met their standards of excellence. No matter the occasion we help deepen your relationships with family, friends and the Lord through handcrafted gifts.