Ornament Sets

Ornament Sets

From much-loved gift sets to the quintessential merry decor, each holiday ornament set in our collection reflects the quality, craftsmanship, and extraordinary artistry for which Wendell August Forge is known.

Whether you’re shopping for someone special or looking for the perfect new themed Christmas ornament set to adorn your own family tree, we’re thrilled to offer an unrivaled selection with a little something for everyone.

Holiday Ornament Sets

Multiply the merry in your Christmas with one of Wendell August Forge's distinctive three- or four-piece Christmas tree ornament sets. Hand-wrought in pewter or aluminum by our metalworking artisans, these ornaments are true works of art, with each one reflecting the signature elements of the craftsman who created it.

A Bit of Snowflake Philosophy: The Meaning Behind These Unique Ornament Sets

It's no surprise that our snowflake designs are so popular and cherished. Their amazing intricacy and workmanship - each is distinct and imbued with its own meaning - reflects the nature of real snowflakes.

In terms of even deeper significance, just as billions of snowflakes together create a brilliant landscape of white, so too do the billions of people across the world together form a magnificent tapestry of life on earth.

The Winter Wonders Snowflake Collection conveys the compelling themes of love, friendship and memory. The meaning of the love and friendship snowflakes relates to the parallel between each individual snowflake's uniqueness and the unique qualities we see in our true loves and true friends.

The Memory Snowflake is a reminder that our own personal memories of those who have passed are different from anyone else's, just as each separate snowflake is different from all others.

The Snowflake Three-Piece Trio was created to complement our Wintersong and other elegant snowflake designs. Adorn your home and Christmas tree with their gorgeous luster.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Our sets of Christmas-themed ornaments will delight you and guests throughout the holiday season with their messages of cheer and celebration. Even the deer, squirrels and rabbits are making merry in our Winter Wonderland Ornament Set. Children will adore the Waiting For Santa set as they count down the days until Santa's yearly sleighride.

In the incomparable way Wendell August Forge combines exceptional designs with deeper wisdom, our Meaning of Christmas Jolly set of handcrafted pewter ornaments depicts festive, popular aspects of holiday cheer - a Christmas tree, Santa and gift box. Insightful interpretations, however, are inscribed on their reverse sides.

On the backs of the tree, Santa and gift ornaments is written, respectively:

  • Ever green, the Christmas tree reminds us of the everlasting hope of mankind. The needles point up to heaven.
  • Santa Claus, or St. Nicholas, traveled from home to home to celebrate the Savior, giving gifts and bringing good will.
  • A Christmas gift reminds us of how we have received the greatest gift on earth, which is eternal life through Christ.