Decorative Outlet Covers & Switch Plates

Decorative Outlet Covers & Switch Plates

Looking for the perfect small home accessories and handcrafted decor to make your kitchen or office stand out from the rest? We offer a wide range of uniquely made covers light switch covers and switch plates and outlet covers. Choose from a variety of aesthetics, including Dogwood, tropical, autumnal, that will add subtle touches to an otherwise overlooked area of the room.

Each of these affordable decorative outlet covers is made by our expert metalworkers from aluminum, bronze, or copper to fit your unique taste. There are also different options for many different dimensions of outlets and switch panels, such as panels with multiple switches, outlets made for cords with 2 or 3 prongs, etc.

Don’t overlook the aesthetic power of decorative outlet covers—turn those dull points into bright spots with covers from Wendell August Forge!

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