Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts

Are you, or a couple you know, expecting a new addition to the family? If so, these are very exciting times! From the first smile to the first steps and first words, children grow up so fast! It's almost like they're reaching a new milestone every other day. 

Before you know it, they'll be out on their own, exploring what the world has to offer.

They can't stay little forever, so you need the best in baby gift ideas. You can help the lucky parents memorialize those fleeting moments, and document their baby's first days (or years) in this world, with our heirloom-quality unique baby gifts from Wendell August Forge. 

We are delighted to offer an array of the finest custom baby gifts. Choose handcrafted baby's first Christmas ornaments, newborn baby gifts, and nursery decor. From gifts to celebrate the birth of a baby, to personalized gifts for the baby’s parents, Wendell August Forge has it all.

Keep Your Precious Memories Close at Hand

At Wendell August Forge, it's our pleasure to craft thoughtful, personalized gifts that commemorate life's special moments. With our selection of handcrafted, artisanal baby gifts, parents can decorate their nurseries, celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime moment, and always keep their memories close at hand.

Celebrate a Special Moment with a personalized baby gift

Too many baby gifts seem hastily picked up at a store. Yes, the item will offer some use in the meantime, but much like how a child's early years go by so quickly, it's rapidly outgrown and placed in storage. As a parent, it offers you no memories years later.

A child's birth - whether it's the first, second, or third for a couple - is an occasion to commemorate and remember. Ordinary baby presents might fulfill a role or specific need, but the intricate metalworking for which Wendell August Forge has built our reputation becomes heirlooms and symbolic reminders of that specific moment in time.

The uniqueness of each item further illustrates the individuality of each child, whether you're framing a picture on a mantle or hanging an ornament from a Christmas tree. As well, the detail found in Wendell August Forge's baby gifts is without comparison, due to our multistep processes and hammered craftsman's mark indicating its one-of-a-kind design. Everything, too, is made in the U.S. at our Pennsylvania-based forge that's now the country's largest and oldest in operation.

One-of-a-Kind Gifts for Showers, First Birthdays, and More!

Ourone-of-a-kind baby gifts are ideal for celebrating baby showers, first birthdays, first Christmases, and more. Our collection includes personalized plates, adorablepicture frames, photo albums, ornaments, keepsakes, nightlights, and nursery décor, all displaying the detailed, unique work of our artisans and craftsmen. Nothing is stamped out by an assembly line or mass-produced, giving it a personalized, custom quality that can't be found anywhere else. You’ve come to the right place for gift ideas for a baby.

Crafted for premium quality, what starts as a thoughtful gift is destined to be passed down, generation after generation. Browse through our full selection of baby and newborn gifts today to find a meaningful, well-crafted keepsake.