Introducing the LUXE Collection, the most unique ornaments in the world. Our paint brush is a chisel and our canvas is metal. The LUXE Collection by Wendell August Forge is our first ever collection of precision cut ornaments, accentuated by stunning crystals or plated in precious metal and masterfully boxed to create the perfect gift. 

Explore our Luxe Collection

Welcome to our Luxe Collection, where you'll find many of the most unique ornaments in the world, precision handcrafted by our skilled metalworking artisans at Wendell August Forge. The intricate designs on all these ornaments have been painstakingly wrought in metal, with Swarovski crystals added to give them a magically beautiful sparkle.

Many of our limited-edition Centennial Star with Swarovski Crystal Christmas ornaments are among the Luxe Collection, including designs such as the Tracery, Wintersong, Holly and Ivy, Ribbons and Bows, True North, Dogwood, Noel and Holiday Revelry. The Centennial Series was begun seven years ago, with a new ornament released every year and continuing up until 2023, to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Wendell August Forge.

Swarovski-Accented Ornaments Aren't Just for Christmas

The intricate metal designs of our Centennial Stars, rendered in both aluminum and bronze, look especially stunning with Swarovski crystal accents. Like Wendell August Forge, Swarovski is a company focused on innovation and design excellence, with a long history of fine crystal craftsmanship since 1835. The company's values and marvelous creations are in perfect accord with our own goals, traditions and products. The collaboration between Wendell August Forge and Swarovski has been ideal because of this shared focus on quality.

We're proud to offer many other Swarovski crystal ornaments. Sale of these is fortunately not limited just to the Christmas season, since all make breathtaking display pieces any time of year. One example is our Seasons of Love ornaments - the bronze edition with red crystals is simply exquisite. The Snow Crystal series, represented by the Peace Dove, Happiness, Love and Hope Cross designs, offer inspiration and beauty for year-round decorating with their meaningful symbolism.

Ornaments for Special Occasions and Causes

Celebrate the birth of a new family member with the Rocking Horse Ornament (pink), a traditional antique rocking horse design with crystal accents. The Swarovski crystal horse ornament also comes in blue.

Send a message of hope and love with the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Ornament, embellished with pink Swarovski crystals. This keepsake celebrates survivors, loved ones we've unfortunately lost to this disease, and the hope for a cure to breast cancer. In the case of this Swarovski ornament, sale prices include a donation to the Susan G. Komen organizations of Greater Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio. The mission of these establishments is to save lives by attending to their community members' most critical needs, as well as by investing in breakthrough research for breast cancer prevention and a cure.