Patriotic & Military

Patriotic & Military

Patriotic and Military Gifts

It can almost seem impossible to put a tangible value on the gratitude we owe our friends in the armed forces, but the sentiment will shine through with handcrafted, personalized military Christmas and Memorial gifts, including military ornaments, jewelry, glasses, and more. To show your heartfelt thanks during the holidays, or to demonstrate your own bravery, shop gifts for military people at Wendell August Forge!

Gifts for Military Men & Women

Find a handcrafted patriotic accessory for a loved one or your own collection from our assortment of unique military gifts. Those who serve their country deserve endless gratitude from family and friends. Even if you can't put your appreciation into words, you can show it with modern and vintage gifts that have been made in the U.S. since 1923. Whether you're looking for military retirement gifts, memorial gifts or birthday gifts, we have something that will mean a great deal to the recipient.

Salute the Brave with Hand-Forged Gifts

Military gifts from Wendell August Forge are keepsakes that last for generations to celebrate events, traditions and legacies. Make the next holiday season extra-special with military Christmas ornaments that celebrate every branch of the armed forces. Other eye-catching military Christmas gifts include U.S. Air Force coasters, Army drink glasses and Navy key rings. If you're the parent of a serviceperson, military mom and dad ornaments will proudly announce this fact on the tree.

Those who aren't in the military can still show their appreciation for the country they protect with patriotic vintage metal gifts. Our selection of American flag metalware is the perfect summer home décor. U.S. flag serving trays, Stars and Stripes coasters and U.S. bookmarks can be brought out for Independence Day and Memorial Day or used year-round. You can also pay tribute to the country's official bird with Soaring Eagle gifts such as plates and money clips.

The Spirit of America

As America's oldest and largest forge, we are committed to the ideals that we and the country were founded on. Wendell August Forge aluminum, pewter and bronze military gifts are rooted in a century of Pennsylvania craftsmanship and still use the same metalworking techniques as the day we were "Made in America". Meet the artisans who are responsible for these timeless gifts and visit a store to see our military and patriotic ornaments in person before you buy (and you can check our COVID-19 policies online).