Wedding and Anniversary

Wedding and Anniversary

Wedding and Anniversary Ornaments

Christmas is all about celebrating with the ones you care for the most. To perfectly express the joy of the season, explore our collection of couples’ Christmas ornaments, wedding ornaments and anniversary ornaments at Wendell August Forge. Each piece in our collection features the authentic, time-honored craftsmanship for which our forge is known, and offers a stunning, original way to show the one you love just how much you care.

Love and Its Phases

The love you share with your partner or spouse fills your heart and is completely one-of-a-kind - truly something to celebrate. Wendell August Forge offers you a way to do so with unique and exquisite, hand-forged metal ornaments that send a message of tenderness and appreciation to your significant other or growing family.

Love has many phases and expressions, including the wonder of romantic feelings, getting married, celebrating holidays together, buying your first home together, starting a family, as well as the spiritual underpinnings of love. Our selection of ornaments is designed to express all of these beautiful elements of couples' journeys with each other.

Couples' Special Landmarks

Take a look at the intricacy of our heart design, called Seasons of Love. Available in bronze or aluminum, this daintily designed piece is magnificently embellished with red or white Swarovski crystals. Make it extra distinctive by having it personalized with the names of you and your partner, or by ordering the silver-plated version of this stunning design.

Our wedding celebration ornaments, including Celebration Cake, With This Ring and Love Is A Fairy Tale, are enchanting couples' pieces that make a splendid engagement gift for the soon-to-be-wed. We also offer two festive styles of couples' first Christmas ornaments, which immediately become family heirlooms for new couples to treasure.

Celebrating Family Love

The dynamic nature of love often leads to the incomparable experience of starting a family. The extreme joy of watching your bond with another result in children is unquestionably life changing. Mark this auspicious adventure with one of our family-oriented ornaments such as the Family Tree Suncatcher Ornament, The Love of a Family or The Roots of a Family. Their attractive designs are rendered with superior quality in aluminum, copper and pewter.

However you find love offered in your life, its basis lies in the spiritual qualities of faith, hope and love, as expressed by the Blessed Assurance Icicles Ornament. Celebrate the grace of love you have been given, and demonstrate your gratitude for it with one of our outstanding, hand-forged keepsakes.