Personalized Family Tree Sun Catcher Ornament

Engraving Preview Background
Engraving Preview Background
Engraving Preview Background
Family Tree Suncatcher with Hanger
Engraving Font Options
3.25"x 3.25"

For a limited time, get a complimentary Sun Catcher Ornament Window Hook with your purchase, creating a year-round gift that means more.

A beautiful gift for a new family or grandparents, the Family Tree Ornament is a customizable ornament that allows you to add new tags as one's family grows. The joy of adding your new child, or grandchild, to an ever-growing tree will bring you joy each and every Christmas. Perfect for your tree, it also looks beautiful all year round hanging on a wall or in your window. The Family Tree Ornament comes with 2 Family Tree Single Hole Tags. Add addition Single Hole Family Extension Tag, and Two Hole Family Tree Expansion Tags.

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