Annual Plates

Annual Plates

Each year, Wendell August Forge is proud to present an incredible selection of collectible plates to unforgettably commemorate the year. Whether you’re shopping for your own holiday collection or for a gift for someone special, you’re certain to find the perfect piece in the Annual Collection of Christmas ornaments & plates at Wendell August Forge.

Wendell August Forge's decorative Christmas Plates are radiant and beautiful, with sophisticated artwork that reflects uplifting and heartwarming themes. These Annual designs are part of our amazing Christmas Holiday Decor, and a wonderful way to celebrate the peace, joy, love and excitement which fill the air around the holidays. What's more, they can be an important seasonal reminder for us to slow down, practice gratitude, savor the moment and show compassion to others.

The 2020 Annual Christmas Plate

Our Annual Christmas plates are available for the years 2016 through the current 2020 plate. The newest plate, entitled "Peace on Earth," features a stunning dove motif designed by international artist Alex Konahin and meticulously rendered in pewter and bronze by master die engraver Len Youngo.

The dove has been a traditional symbol of peace for centuries. When you hear the dove's unmistakable coo-cooing song in the morning or late evening, its tranquil presence beckons you to look within and gently unearth spiritual or emotional discord which may be affecting your attitude towards others.

Once felt and confronted, the conflicts inside us can be replaced by serenity, love and compassion, no matter how much disharmony might still surround us. The 2020 Plate represents the wish of Wendell August Forge for healing peace, carried on the wings of a dove, to encompass the world during a year which has tried so many.

Annual Plates 2016 - 2019

Our Annual Christmas plates from recent years include "Magic of the Slopes" from 2016, which depicts a lighthearted scene of wintertime fun in the snow. 2017's "The Christmas Tree Journey" is a warmly sentimental tribute to the traditional family trip to a pine tree lot to pick out the year's Christmas tree for decorating.

"The Nutcracker Story" inspired the whimsical design on our 2018 plate. Remember Clara's magical journey with the Nutcracker Prince as he battles the evil Mouse King and escorts her to The Land of Snow and The Land of Sweets? Finally, 2019's "A Story from St. Nicholas" shows that even Santa needs to take a respite from the holiday flurry of activities!

Available in bronze and pewter, Wendell August Forge Annual Christmas plates are delightful to collect and display. Don't wait to get started with this special holiday tradition.