2020 Annual Christmas Plate- Peace on Earth (Pewter)

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The theme of our 2020 Annual Christmas Plate is Peace on Earth, reflected in a dove motif designed by international artist Alex Konahin and meticulously rendered in pewter by master die engraver Len Youngo. Known for centuries as a symbol of peace, the dove's tranquil presence and soothing morning and late-evening song give us pause, inviting us to search within for any spiritual or emotional disharmony which may be affecting our attitude towards our fellows. The gentle nature of the dove assures us that in spite of chaos in our world, we can always avail ourselves of limitless serenity when we release inner discord to clear space instead for love and gratitude. The 2020 Christmas Plate reflects the sincere wish of Wendell August Forge that all people on earth find healing peace during a year which has tried so many. Display this remarkable work of art in a place of honor, to inspire and remind those who see it that we can all manifest peace when our own hearts are whole and nurtured.
Material: Pewter
Dimensions: 8"
SKU: 31870P63