Limited Edition Centennial Star Holly and Ivy (Bronze)

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The Holly and Ivy Centennial Star is the eighth in Wendell August Forge's ten-year series of Limited-Edition Centennial Ornaments. Styled by an eminent designer and rendered in bronze by a master die engraver, the star enchants with its intricate motif set off by sparkling crystals. The theme of holly and ivy is an artistically symbolic contrast of death (the thorns and red berries of holly are said to represent Jesus' crown of thorns and blood) and rebirth (in the verdant ivy). The beauty inherent in such duality is highlighted by the crystals' rainbow fire. This 2020 installment in our Centennial Series, which counts down to Wendell August Forge's 100-year anniversary, is limited to only 1,000 stars in this metal. The date is engraved on the back, and each ornament comes magnificently encased in a red embossed keepsake box. Since 1923, Wendell August Forge has merged nature's purist elements with artisan craftsmanship to create objects of inspiring beauty. We invite you to celebrate with us!
Material: Bronze and
Dimensions: 6" x 4.5"
SKU: 21854139