2020 Annual Ornament - Angel of Peace (Copper)

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Start Your Tradition Today For more than 40 years, the Wendell August Forge Annual Ornament has become a tradition cherished by families across America. Whether a grandmother starting a collection for their grandchild, or a coworker looking for something special, the Annual Ornament isa gift that means more. 2020 Annual Ornament: The Angel of Peace The 2020AnnualOrnament, The Angel of Peace, is a simple wish for our world. A wish for peace. While at times it may seem there is more that divides than unites us, let it be the love that each of us are capable of that brings peace to our broken yet beautiful world.In 2020, may our differences make us stronger, and may we all come tocelebrate the humanity that binds each and every one of us together. For millennia, doves have been a universal symbol of peace, and angels have been our celestial intermediaries between heaven and earth. Our wish -our prayer- is that every friend and foe will come together in a chorus of harmonies and sing... Let there be peace on earth,and let it begin with me. Handcrafted in America Designed by international artist Alex Konahin and hand engraved into metal by Master Die Engraver, Len Youngo using centuries old techniques.
Material: Copper
Dimensions: 2 1/8"
SKU: 61852ORN