Elegant, delicate, and timelessly beautiful, snowflakes are the perfect symbols of winter and the holiday season. This year, decorate your tree with a unique Christmas snowflake ornament from Wendell August Forge. Featuring the best in handcrafted artistry and intricate etching, our collection of old forge pewter, rustic wood, and metal snowflake Christmas ornaments are designed to celebrate the present moment and to be treasured for a lifetime. Bring the winter wonderland inside this year and decorate your Christmas tree with a symbol that represents one of the most beloved times of the year.

Christmas Snowflake Ornaments

In expressing the splendor of the holidays, few Christmas images can quite compare with the beauty and magic of a snowflake. A delight to behold, snowflakes have elements of complexity, delicacy and purity which only nature could fashion. Make this exquisite theme part of your Christmas tradition by collecting snowflake ornaments handcrafted by Wendell August Forge. Our hand-forged snowflake designs, accented with Swarovski crystals, are created from earth's natural materials merged with the skill of our artisans.

Each of our snowflakes is unique and intricate, from the signature of the die engraver concealed in the design to the craftsman's mark embedded on the back. We still use methods rooted in centuries-old metalworking techniques to create our ornaments. Our meticulous handcrafting ensures that you are getting a truly distinctive work of art with every piece you purchase.

Each Snowflake is Different

Besides being stunning, our snowflake ornaments each have meaning. Our Snow Crystal styles represent happiness, hope, love and peace - all the things we wish for ourselves and others. A flower, cross, heart and dove, respectively, found at the center of each design, tie the ornament to one of these valuable ideals. Appropriately, all the Snow Crystal ornaments are further adorned with crystals, making them sparkle like the sun on a field of snow.

Our Winter Wonders Snowflake Collection conveys other compelling themes: Love, Friendship and Memory. Ornaments in this collection can be purchased separately or as a set of all three. The meaning of the love and friendship snowflakes relates to the parallel between each individual snowflake's uniqueness and the unique qualities we see in our true loves and true friends. The Memory Snowflake is a reminder that our own personal memories of those who have passed are different from anyone else's, just as each separate snowflake is different from all others.

Check out our other snowflake ornament designs as well. You're sure to find several charming designs, either for yourself or to give as gifts. Each is lovely simply to look at, but their meaning will give them a special place in your heart. Find the snowflake that says what you feel!