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Quality Metalware, Personalized Ornaments, Wedding & Anniversary Gifts

Wendell August Forge crafts functional and decorative metalware, encompassing a fine selection of personalized ornaments, jewelry, home decor, and table pieces. A gift forged in precious metal is an undeniable way to make any occasion genuinely special. And as a testament to American craftsmanship, our functional works of art shine brightly as enduring symbols of tradition and heirloom-quality design.

Wendell August is America’s oldest and largest forge. Founded in 1923, a rich history still sings with every strike of our hammers amid the chorus of crackling forge fires. It’s our pleasure to craft these treasured heirlooms, a legacy from our family to yours.

For All Occasions

Give gifts with value you can feel in your own hands. Hold the weight of rare metals forged from the earth, expertly crafted, and tailor-made for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Choose from a selection of personalized ornaments for a variety of occasions, from traditional Christmas decorations to personalized wedding and anniversary gifts. Forged from bronze, aluminum, and pewter, each piece is born from time-tested techniques to be functional works of art.

Wendell August Forge has carried the heritage of quality artistic craftsmanship for generations, maintaining the same dedication to a quality forging processes as its founders. Today, more than 1,000 gift items are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes. With prices ranging from over $1000 to under $10, Wendell August Forge creates many family favorite ways to commemorate life’s special moments.

Christmas Collection

Handmade Christmas ornaments are a perfect way to commemorate the holiday season with your family. Specially designed for your home, we feature ornaments crafted with creative and meaningful designs. These heirlooms, forged in aluminum, pewter, and other metals, embody the purity of the Christmas Spirit. Each handcrafted piece carries this spirit from our family to yours.

Choose from a wide selection of fantastic tree toppers and hanging ornaments to decorate with. From personalized ornaments to festive designs inspired by stars, angels and other traditional motifs, let our decorations be the highlight of your tree this year.

Be sure to browse other seasonal favorites inspired by snowflakes, Santa, woodland creatures, and more that will surely bring joy to your home this Christmas season.

Gifts for Weddings, Anniversaries, And More

Memorialize the long lasting love of someone you care for with personalized wedding and anniversary gifts. Our original designs can even be personalized with your own custom message, making for a truly special present.

At Wendell August Forge, our metalworkers and artisans prepare unique gifts for special occasions of all kinds. Celebrate baby and wedding showers, christenings, graduations, Easter, religious events, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and more with meaningful and memorable gifts made to last.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship

The heritage of Wendell August Forge is preserved by its craftsmen, who hand-etch every one of our original designs. Each piece is then hand-wrought using an eight-step process with roots in ancient metalworking techniques. Our metalworkers take great pride in their work, and the marks of both artists and craftsmen can be found in each design and on the back of every piece from jewelry to personalized ornaments.

We invite anyone to see this process for themselves with a free workshop tour during production hours at our Flagship location in Grove City, PA, or at our Amish Country store in Berlin, OH.

From our home to yours, let our finely crafted pieces help you celebrate life’s special moments.

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