Tree Toppers

Tree Toppers

For the perfect star or angel to top off your tree this Christmas, look no further than our collection of beautifully crafted, expertly hand forged Christmas tree toppers at Wendell August Forge. Each aluminum tree topper in our collection is made with stunning attention to detail and genuine artistry. With an array of styles and shapes from which to choose, you're certain to find a tree topper to love.

Unique Christmas Tree Toppers

An authentic Wendell August Forge tree topper is a beautiful finishing touch for indoor and outdoor trees of any size. These tree top ornaments are hand-wrought in aluminum using a proven century-old process. Some are adorned with Swarovski crystal accents for an extra sparkle under the tree lights or moonlight. Our tree toppers are truly exceptional, reflecting incomparable quality rooted in the tradition of centuries-old metalworking techniques.

The Tree Topper as a Holiday Ritual

Christmas tree toppers combine beauty with tradition. Their use dates back to the Victorian era. It's believed to have been started by Queen Victoria herself and her husband Prince Albert, who were the first to have a Christmas tree in Windsor Castle and would use an angel ornament to cover the top. To this day, tree topper ornaments remain an important symbol as part of holiday decorations.

Whether the youngest or the oldest person in the family is responsible for placing the tree topper on the tree - or if you rotate to give everyone a turn - this tradition continues to warm hearts and gather families around the world. Wendell August Forge has unique tree toppers that will last a lifetime and continue to look beautiful throughout years of use. Choose from our handmade and delicately designed toppers and celebrate a tradition this year with a gift that everyone will love.

Angel or Star? Tree Toppers for Everyone

One of the biggest questions when decking your holiday tree is always whether to use an angel or star on top. In traditional use, an angel tree topper represents the angel Gabriel from the Nativity story while a star symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem. Since every old-fashioned tree topper we make is exquisite, either one will work fantastically. You might even go outside the norm with a snowflake tree topper that's great for secular celebrations.

Now, however, you must decide on your favorite Wendell August Forge design - which could be difficult because they're all so amazing! The Angel of Harmony tree topper offers a peaceful beauty in both regular and miniature sizes. If you're looking for a Christmas tree star topper, there are hammered metal ornaments, a tree topper with an engraved Nativity scene and even personalized tree toppers. They're crafted by master artisans who add signature elements so your ornament is truly a one-of-a-kind piece. Wendell August Forge has been making gifts that mean more since 1923.