Tree Toppers

Tree Toppers

Aluminum Tree Toppers

For the perfect star to top off your tree this Christmas, look no further than our collection of beautifully crafted, expertly hand forged Christmas tree toppers at Wendell August Forge. Each unique aluminum tree topper in our collection is made with stunning attention to detail and genuine artistry. With an array of styles and shapes from which to choose, you’re certain to find a tree topper to love.

Christmas tree toppers combine beauty with tradition. Whether the youngest or the oldest person in the family is responsible for placing the tree topper on the tree, this tradition continues to warm hearts and gather families around the world. Wendell August Forge has unique tree toppers that will last a lifetime and continue to look beautiful throughout years of use. Choose from our handmade and delicately designed snowflake and star toppers and celebrate a tradition this year with a gift that everyone will love.

The Very Best of Classic and Contemporary Styles

Whatever your personal decor preferences, our selection of aluminum tree toppers offers a little something for everyone. Choose from elegant contemporary favorites like the Wintersong Snowflake Tree Topper with Swarovski Crystals, or celebrate the inspiration for the holiday season with the hammered aluminum Nativity Christmas Tree Topper. We also offer delicate, lovely angel tree toppers and multidimensional cut-out star designs for a gorgeous silhouette atop the Christmas tree.

Find the Perfect Tree Topper to Unforgettably Decorate Your Tree

Each piece is designed by skilled artisans and authentically hand-crafted in our Pennsylvania forge and is of heirloom quality. Whichever aluminum tree topper you choose, you can rest assured that it will not only look beautiful, but is designed to be enjoyed for years to come.

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