Traditional Ornaments for Christmas

Christmas is a time to celebrate the most important day of the year with the ones you love most. We invite you to explore our collection of traditional Christmas ornaments that are thoughtfully designed to help you mark the occasion. Since 1932, the artisans of Wendell August Forge have been handcrafting the finest traditional ornaments in western Pennsylvania. We're pleased to continue our tradition so that you can celebrate yours.

Classic Christmas Ornaments

Observe the holidays year after year with a new decoration from our collection of classic ornaments. Part of the Christmas magic is the symbols, themes and designs that endure through generations and even centuries. Traditional Christmas ornaments are thoughtfully designed and then handcrafted by master craftsmen. They're the perfect way to preserve family customs or welcome someone new to the way you honor the occasion. Many of these ornaments can stay up long after December 25 has passed so the joy of Christmas will last all winter long. Our retro holiday ornaments age like a fine wine and are rooted in a century of Pennsylvania craftsmanship.

Time-Honored Ornaments

We offer dozens of classic ornaments for family members, friends, co-workers and others who love the nostalgia of Christmas. Some popular designs include the personalized gingerbread house ornament commemorating this favorite children's activity, the vintage family sled ornament that remembers trips down snowy hills, and the Heart of America ornament that gives Christmas a patriotic touch. Other fun classic ornaments feature angel wings, snow crystals, trains, deer, song titles and many more depictions exclusive to Wendell August Forge.

Whether you're purchasing a single ornament or a six-piece nativity ornament set, you'll receive a gift that's worth the unexpected "wow". These traditional metal Christmas ornaments are hand-forged from aluminum, pewter, copper and other time-tested material. The artisan crafting the gift makes it their own with signature design elements and a craftsman's mark. Select a material, collection and price range on the left to see what's currently available.

Shop online or in-store for many classic ornaments that will last for generations. Add meaning to an existing tradition or start a new one! We're America's oldest forge and continue to make unique gifts for all ages.