Christmas is a time to celebrate the most important time of year with the ones you love most. We invite you to explore our collection of traditional Christmas ornaments, thoughtfully-designed to help you mark the occasion. We’re pleased to continue our tradition so that you can celebrate yours.

Classic Christmas Ornaments

Celebrate the holidays year after year with a new decoration from our collection of classic ornaments. Part of the Christmas magic is the symbols, themes and designs that endure through generations and even centuries. Traditional Christmas ornaments are thoughtfully designed and then handcrafted by master craftsmen. They're the perfect way to preserve family customs or welcome someone new to the way you honor the occasion. Many of these ornaments can stay up long after December 25 has passed so the joy of Christmas will last all winter long. Order retro holiday ornaments age like a fine wine and are rooted in a century of Pennsylvania craftsmanship.

Keep Traditions Alive

Wendell August Forge crafts vintage metal gifts that are full of meaning for those who matter to you. Our aluminum classic ornaments are American-made using a process as time-tested as the holiday itself. You'll find train ornaments, holly ornaments, classic Santa ornaments, Christmas tree ornaments and many other designs. We've created a selection of pewter ornaments that feature classic holiday favorites. Other metal adornments such as our evergreen ornaments and silver bell ornaments carry on the yearly ritual of gorgeous tree decorations.

Holiday Style That Lasts

Do all of your class Christmas ornament shopping at Wendell August Forge for gifts worth the unexpected "wow!" In addition to our hand-forged metal ornaments, we also carry Christmas ball ornaments, glass pinecone ornaments and others that celebrate the meaning of the season. Since 1923, we've been making the most unique ornaments in the world for people who desire heartfelt gifts and eternal beauty even as the world continues full-speed around them. Visit our blog for other ornament suggestions or call seven days a week for answers to your questions.