Storage & Display

Storage & Display

Truly exceptional ornaments are made to be seen and enjoyed, and we’re pleased to offer an unrivaled selection of ornament stands to beautifully showcase your most treasured pieces. With Wendell August Forge, you can find the perfect ornament displays to decorate your home during the holidays or throughout the year. Choose from an array of styles, crafted with the same attention to detail as our signature ornaments, and find the perfect multi ornament display stand for you. We even have great storage bag options so you can safely and carefully store your favorite ornaments when they aren’t being used.

Start a Collection of Cherished Keepsakes

Collecting Wendell August Forge keepsake ornaments is so engaging and rewarding! Our handcrafted metal creations, incorporating stunning designs that represent positive universal themes, are more than simply beautiful to look at. They are also meaningful in their symbolism and the long-standing tradition behind their making.

If you've collected our ornaments for a long time, you know how heartwarming and sometimes deeply emotional it can be to look through them and recall Christmases and special occasions from past years.

Our ornament holder box, called the Annual Ornament Collector's Box, has been created to store up to 24 of our Wendell August Forge Annual Ornaments. It's been over 40 years since we first began our annual ornament tradition, and we're proud to know there are those among you filling your second Collector's Box.

For your other Wendell August Forge ornaments, we have our Large, Medium and Small felt Collector Bags, the pockets of which are four by six inches, three by four inches and 2.5 inches square, respectively. The bags fold up neatly and keep your ornaments organized and safe.

Display Your Ornaments with Pride

It's always nicest to display your radiant ornaments so you, your family and your friends can appreciate their magnificence and inspiration. They are lovely additions to your Christmas tree ornament collection, of course. Some are wonderful when they're hung in a window to catch the outdoor light.

Another magnificent way to display your Wendell August Forge treasures is to highlight one piece at a time on our Spiral Bottom Ornament Display Stand, which we offer in black or gold. Purchase multiple ornament display stands and use them to show off your favorite Wendell August Forge creations all around your home no matter the season. It can be wonderful rotating your various pieces, so you can really enjoy the detail and deeper message of each one.

Around the holidays, use our Single Joy Ornament Stand to present your Christmas-themed ornaments, like the Santa Clauses, snowmen, animals and Christmas trees that delight kids of all ages! Let a special child pick out the one to display each day during the holidays to create a cherished Christmas memory they'll have forever.

By the way, make sure you pick up Wendell August Forge's own cotton Sunshine Polishing Cloth, so your ornaments will shine and twinkle as brightly as a Christmas star.