How long has Wendell August been in business?

Wendell August was started in Brockway, Pennsylvania in 1923. In 1932, at the urging of a friend, Mr. August moved his company to Grove City, Pennsylvania After a devastating fire in 2010, we moved just off the Grove City exit to nearby Mercer, Pennsylvania.

Can you help me with personalization/engraving questions?

Please visit our Personalization page.

What types of metals are available?

At Wendell August, we craft our giftware in six different metals: aluminum, bronze, copper, pewter, stainless steel and sterling silver.

What do the different metals consist of?

  • Aluminum: 1100-0 Commercial Grade
    • 99% aluminum
    • 1% impurities
  • Bronze: 220 Commercial Grade
    • 90% copper
    • 10% zinc
    • 90/10 alloy
  • Copper
    • 100% pure copper
  • Pewter
    • 92% tin
    • 1% copper
    • 7% antimony
  • Stainless Steel
    • 8/10% carbon
    • 2% manganese
    • 45/1000% phosphorous
    • 30/1000% sulphur
    • 1% silicone
    • 18-20% chromium
    • 8-10.5% nickel
    • Remaining iron ore
  • Sterling Silver
    • 92.5% silver
    • 7.5% remaining copper

Why don't all the products come in bronze too?

The number of products offered on Bronze is limited by cost and end use. Our Bronze giftware is covered with lacquer finish to prevent the piece from tarnishing. This coating will be damaged if subject to heat (especially hot water) and chemicals and will tarnish if compromised. Therefore the Bronze is best used with a tray protector or as display only.

Where are you located?

We operate two Wendell August retail stores with a complimentary workshop tour at our Flagship store and a simulated tour at our Holmes County store. We also have select products available at retailers throughout the United States. Please visit our Locations page.

I have an older piece of Wendell August; can you tell me the value?

We are unable to formally appraise the value of our older pieces. However, many of our Wendell August antique pieces are purchased and sold through online web auctions by antique aluminum collectors, which should give you a sense of the current secondary market value.


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