Our Artisans

At Wendell August Forge we are a family. Each of our pieces are handcrafted in our Pennsylvania workshop by artists, die engravers and craftsmen. Meet the team that works tirelessly using century old techniques that have made Wendell August Forge the oldest and largest in America.

Die Engravers

The die engraver hand engraves artwork into a steel die. The intricate process is the first step of repoussé, a metalworking technique in which a malleable metal is ornamented or shaped by hammering from the reverse side to create a design in low relief. If created using this process, the die engraver's signature can be found hidden in the artwork.

  • Adam Post
  • Len Youngo
  • Mike Youngo

Our Craftsmen

At Wendell August Forge, our craftsmen take the piece through several steps. They use recycled aluminum or specialty metal and finish the repoussé process by hammering the design from the die engraver onto the metal, forming the metal, and color it using different techniques including our coal fired forge.

  • Brad Surrena
  • Chris Fleming
  • Ronald Slater
  • Chuck Kilpatrick
  • Corey Uber
    Corey Uber
  • Dan Magee
  • Dave Caulk
  • Don Polding
  • Ed Hodge
  • Ed Mcbride
  • Greg Summerville
  • James Tasker
  • Lyle Sherman
  • Mike Tudor
  • Nunzio Bartolone
  • Rock Richardson

Old Forge Pewter

The Wendell August Forge pewter process involves first hand-sculpting a design in clay, and then creating a mold. Pewter is then melted and poured into the molds. It goes through a spin process that forms and cools the pewter into a perfect replica of the original sculpture.

  • Kyle Gercken

Jewelry Studio


Wendell August Forge jewelry is designed by Artist Emily Hendrie then and handcrafted in our Pennsylvania workshop. Time, patience and intricate handwork go into every piece of jewelry.

  • Babette Fitzgerald
  • Emily Hendrie