Forge a new tradition. Wendell August Annual Ornaments have become a favorite Christmas tradition. Handcrafted in our Pennsylvania workshop, each can be personalized for a special message from grandma, or a holiday wish for a friend. Every Christmas they'll think of you has they decorate their tree.

Holidays are all about family and tradition. This year, start a new tradition with dated Christmas ornaments from Wendell August Forge. Every year we create a new ornament that, in some way, embodies the holiday Christmas spirit. Whether it’s Santa Claus, the Nutcracker, Alpine Frost snowman or something else, we create beautifully intricate Christmas designs that are made to last. Personalize the back of your ornament and gift it to a loved one for something they will treasure forever and that will remind them of you every year they hang it on their Christmas tree.

The Tradition of Our Annual Christmas Ornament

For over 40 years, Wendell August Forge has had the privilege of designing and forging a completely unique Annual Christmas Ornament each year. The Annual Ornament is one of the ways we express our dedication to tradition, heritage and history. We are passionate about our responsibility to honor our forebears and their accomplishments, as well as our role in helping you celebrate life's meaningful occasions and milestones. In fact, giving you a way to mark that meaning with heirloom-quality giftware has been our goal since 1923.

The Angel of Peace is the newest addition to our annual commemorative series. This piece was originally conceptualized and designed by international artist Alex Konahin, and hand-rendered in bronze, aluminum, copper, gold and silver plate through the expertise of master die cutter Len Youngo. We feel the design is particularly timely in light of today's overwhelming need for peace worldwide. All of us at Wendell August Forge have been inspired by current world events to express our sincere wish for brotherhood, compassion and respect among all mankind, regardless of race, circumstance, color or creed.

The Importance of Keeping Treasured Mementos

Our Annual Ornament's design has varied over the years, with themes touching upon all aspects of Christmas, from popular images of Santa Claus, snowmen and The Nutcracker, to nostalgic holiday scenes and religious themes such as the Nativity and Star of Bethlehem. All our Annual Christmas Ornaments have captured some meaningful aspect of celebrating Christmas and memorialized it in metal for you to treasure and enjoy forever.

The 2020 Christmas Ornament is available now, in the metal of your choice. Also, in case you missed the Annual Ornament from the past few years, you can order it still, dating back from the 2019 ornament to that of 2015. We even offer a special Collector's Box in which to store all your authentic Wendell August Forge Annual Ornaments.

Add the 2020 Annual Ornament to your collection, which can be handed down from generation to generation in your family. This tradition allows you to touch the past and appreciate who you were and what you were doing over the years. After all, perspective on the past is the foundation for growth today. We encourage you to make our Annual Ornament part of that lifelong journey.