Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

Hand Blown Glass Ornaments

Nothing shouts out the holiday season like an impressive Christmas tree decked out in beautiful, glass ornaments. 

Each of our unique hand blown glass Christmas ornaments are expertly crafted by Pittsburgh artisans. With our hand blown glass ornaments made in USA, you can add character and brillance to your Christmas tree. You can also hang any of them on your windows as a sun catcher! 

Making your Christmas tree stand out is made simple with unique, handmade fixtures. With our artisan hand blown glass ornaments, you can bring more holiday cheer into your house than ever before. Or, give the gift of our hand blown Christmas ornaments to a loved one this holiday season. 

Shop our hand blown glass ball ornaments today. 

Unique Hand Blown Christmas Ornaments

There is nothing quite as magnificent as the effect of light filtering through colored glass, such as the brilliance of stained-glass windows you see in churches or antique Victorian mansions. Beautiful speckles and patches of color are cast inside by exterior light, creating a magical rainbow on the floor and walls.

Wendell August Forge creates our own version of this stunning spectacle in our handblown glass Christmas ornaments, individually crafted by our skilled artisans in Pittsburgh.

The art of glassblowing was invented by Syrian craftsmen during the first century, B.C., in the ancient regions of Sidon, Aleppo, Hama and Palmyra. At this time, Syrian blowers (called gaffers) produced glass vessels for everyday or special use, and exported these all over the Roman Empire. Initially, the glass was molded into a variety of decorative shapes, and later the Syrians began to create natural glass spheres without the use of molds.

The basic process of glassblowing hasn't changed significantly, although our glasswork artisans deftly use advanced techniques to create our exceptional ornaments. Anything but plain, our glass creations incorporate exquisite combinations of swirling hues and added surface textures that magnify the complexity and splendor of their interplay with light.

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Our clear glass ornaments come in special shapes and surfaces, which look especially dazzling when placed next to a Christmas tree bulb, or hung in a window to catch the sun. They deflect light in all directions, casting prismatic, dancing highlights inside your home.

The pink- and blue-themed, mixed color spheres radiate the gorgeous intricacy of their respective combination of colors, heightened by remarkable dimensional patterns achieved through special processes mastered by our glassblowers. Each ornament is unique, of course, due to the process used to create them, so your handblown treasure is truly one-of-a-kind.

For extra fun during the holidays, we have our candy cane, snowman and pickle ornaments. Who will be the lucky family member to find the hidden pickle in the Christmas tree this year?

And for the avid golfer - there's usually at least one in every family - we have our glass golf ball ornament, which is an attractive Christmas ornament or great decoration any time of the year.