Military and Patriotic

Military and Patriotic

Shop our collection of military and patriotic Christmas ornaments.  A great gift for retired veterans or active members of the military, and anyone that wants to display their love for America. 

As an American-based company, we are proud to show support for our military and their families. There are thousands of families that have to go through the experience of having military members in their family away from home for extended periods of time. Military ornaments make great gifts for retired veterans, active military, or the families of military members who are not home and want to proudly display their support. Wendell August Forge offers beautiful hand-crafted ornaments featuring all of the branches of the military: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

Celebrating Our Service Personnel

As America's oldest working forge, Wendell August Forge remembers and deeply honors the principles that have made this country great, including the contribution by all the military members, some of whom have given their lives in order to defend and uphold the freedoms we have enjoyed for nearly 250 years. To pay tribute in the way we know best, we have designed and hand-forged several ornaments geared towards showing appreciation for present members of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard, as well as all veterans.

Our Classic military ornaments for people in the service, present or former, come in a variety of metals consisting of bronze, aluminum, copper and pewter, and each is hand-forged with the official emblem of the appropriate military branch - U.S. Army, Coast Guard, Navy or Air Force. In addition, we have alternate attractive designs, without the emblem, for Army, Navy and Air Force ornaments.

Display Your Patriotism

Show off these attractive and patriotic ornaments anywhere, or add them to your tree as a meaningful military Christmas ornament. To make any of these pieces even more special, you can include personalized engraving on the back with the individual's name, date and/or a private message.

For parents of people in the service, show your love and support through one of our designs displaying "Mom" or "Dad" underneath the military branch. And for anyone, be they military or non-military, we have created our Heart of America ornament in bronze or copper. The elegant stars-and-stripes design makes this piece lovely to exhibit anywhere in your home. You can even hang it in a window using our Sun Catcher Ornament Window Hook.

One last addition to our collection of handcrafted military/patriotic-themed ornaments is the "Home" Wooden U.S. Ornament made from cherry wood. This ornament is shaped like the U.S., to celebrate the pride and perseverance that have shaped the nation!