Shop Wendell August to find the newest styles in finely crafted jewelry including bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. For gifts that are both personal and stylish, choose Wendell August.

Metal Handcrafted Jewelry

Give the jewel of your life a present that lasts for generations from our selection of handmade metal jewelry. These decorative personal adornments will be full of meaning for the people who receive them. Each American-made item is hand-wrought by skilled artisans used time-tested techniques rooted in the ancient crafts of metalworking. The artisan then adds signature elements and a craftsman's mark to make Instead of mass-produced jewelry from a local store, choose the enduring beauty of unique handcrafted jewelry from America's oldest and largest forge. Whether it's worn for special occasions or every day, this jewelry will get a big "wow" from all who lay eyes on it.

Stunning Jewelry for All Ages

Wendell August Forge has a huge selection of jewelry made from the finest materials. Our handmade copper jewelry, pewter jewelry and aluminum jewelry has a designer look and surprisingly affordable price tag. You'll find an assortment of cuff bracelets, bangle bracelets, metal earrings and handcrafted necklaces with exclusive designs.

What truly makes this jewelry special is the many themes to match the occasion, the season or the recipient's personality. Pay homage to a loved one's cultural roots with our origins bracelet series or celebrate graduation with metal college jewelry for schools from Notre Dame to Grove City College. We also have double-hearts jewelry to signify the joining of two souls, nature jewelry with animals or flowers and even Pittsburgh Penguins jewelry to cheer on a team in style.

Fine Heirloom-Quality Jewelry

Since 1923, we've been crafting gifts that mean more to those you care about. Whether it's a partner, parent or close friend you're shopping for, you'll find modern and vintage handcrafted artisan jewelry they'll love at Wendell August Forge. Visit our official blog to learn more about the gifts we offer, or contact us seven days a week to ask questions and place orders.