Limited Edition Centennial Star Holiday Revelry (Aluminum)

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The2019 Centennial Star,"Holiday Revelry," is a reminder that Christmas istrulya seasonofcelebration. Our favoritetimeof year, may yours befilled with instruments playing carols and voices singing in harmony. May these times of festivesong with family and friends bring you joy this and every year. Elegantly adorned with Crystals, the ornament is designed by international artist Alex Konahin and cut by renowned Master Die Engraver Len Youngo. The seventh ornament in a ten-year series, the Limited Edition Centennial Ornaments are counting down to Wendell August Forge'sCentennialCelebration. Each year, a new ornament will be crafted to create a stunning Crystal set and every ornament is perfectly packaged in a beautiful red embossed box. Celebrate Wendell August Forgeand American craftsmanship with this truly elegantCentennialStar Collection. Only 5,000 aluminum and 1,000 bronze stars will be handcrafted.This ornament is dated on the back with its introduction date of 2019.
Material: Aluminum and Crystal
Dimensions: 6" x 4.5"
SKU: 11658139