Baby's First Christmas Ornament with Crystals (Bronze)

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Introducing our exquisite Hand-Hammered Bronze Baby's First Christmas Ornament, a radiant symbol of love and new beginnings. Crafted with precision and care, each ornament is meticulously fashioned from high-quality bronze and adorned with shimmering crystals, adding a touch of elegance to your holiday décor.

Celebrate this joyous milestone with a personalized touch. The back of the ornament offers the option to engrave your baby's name and birth information, creating a timeless keepsake that captures the magic of their first Christmas. Whether hung on a tree or displayed in a cherished spot year-round, this ornament serves as a beautiful reminder of the precious moments shared with your little one. Embrace the warmth and wonder of the holiday season with this unforgettable piece, destined to be treasured for years to come.

Material: Bronze and Crystals
Dimensions: 3" x 5"
SKU: 24190095CR