Baby Zoo Balloon Plate- Aluminum


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The Perfect Baby Keepsake Gift Nothing could possibly be more momentous for two people on the journey of life together than bringing home a new life, and you no doubt want to find the perfect gift to commemorate such an event. Wendell August Forge carries an assortment of fantastic baby keepsake gifts, all made with our signature quality metalworking process. For the best custom baby room decor, you cant go wrong with this Baby Zoo Aluminum Balloon Plate! Baby Zoo Balloon The design on this aluminum plate features a carefree and whimsical assortment of baby zoo animals, including giraffes, hippos, elephants, and bears. This happy group of fun creatures are riding up, up, and away into the clouds on a beautiful balloon, a design that' sure to put a smile on the face of the whole family. Shop at Wendell August Forge At Wendell August Forge, we take pride in our metalwork and pursue the art with extreme consideration and care. The etching in this piece is no exception, so celebrate a new life with this beautiful baby keepsake gift!