Limited Edition Centennial Star- Dogwood (Copper)


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Centennial Star Copper Collection | 1 of 100

Celebrating 100 years of Wendell August Forge, the Limited Edition Centennial Star Collection in Copper commemorates a century of American craftsmenship. Each is handcrafted using centuries old techniques and meticulously adorned with Austrian crystals. This once-in-a-lifetime collection will be passed down for generations.

The Limited Edition Centennial Star, Dogwood, is inspired by one of our oldest and most popular designs, which has been a significant part of Wendell August's history for nearly all 100 years. A sign of rebirth and spring, the Dogwood flower has deep symbolism in the story of Easter and Jesus Christ.

Material: Copper and Crystals
Dimensions: 6" x 4.5"
SKU: 63165139