Wendell August Introduces Personalized Dog Ornaments

Posted by Wendell August Forge on Oct 5th 2016

Do you own a dog? If not, I am sure you have a relative, friend and neighbor who does. Most dog owners agree that their dog is more than just a pet, it is a member of their family. As we were brainsto … read more

Gift Ideas For The Autumn Months

Sep 25th 2015

Holiday season is right around the corner, folks. We all know what that means—parties, family gatherings, festivities, and likely a gift or two. There will be housewarming gifts to give, fall weddi … read more

Create a Festive Holiday Table

Dec 19th 2014

If you’re planning to spend hours preparing an extraordinary family holiday feast, you probably don’t want your holiday table to be boring.  You want your table to amplify the holiday mood and delicio … read more


Dec 12th 2014

What’s your favorite holiday memory?  Chances are good the holiday events that left the biggest impression upon you center around one or more of your family’s holiday traditions. For example, we kn … read more