Gift Ideas For The Autumn Months

Sep 24th 2015

Holiday season is right around the corner, folks. We all know what that means—parties, family gatherings, festivities, and likely a gift or two. There will be housewarming gifts to give, fall wedding gifts, a slew of anniversary and birthday gifts as always, and then there’s Christmas!  Coming up with gift ideas and gift giving can be a daunting and stressful task, especially when the gift is going to someone close to you like a family member.  For some of us, it is such a fluid practice to the point where we call it a love language.  For others, it can be the last thing we want to even think about. Here’s an easy gift idea: a bottle of wine. For those of you whose go-to gift idea is a classy, fine wine, let me just say that you are doing something right. Think about it.  A bottle of wine is the perfect gift.  It has that balance of practicality, personality, and a dose of your own self in it, assuming that you picked out your personal favorite.  Furthermore, price is completely up to you.  Spend however much you deem appropriate.  Wine is one of those products that can either slightly dent or completely empty your wallet. I have to add, however, that presentation is everything with gift-giving.  You could give the most heartfelt and expensive gift possible, but if there is no effort put into the presentation, you are cutting your gift-giving potential in half!  So, let’s take that bottle of wine to the next level, shall we? In fact, that is exactly why we here at Wendell August are launching three brand new products called “Wine Presentation Boxes.”  We believe that going that extra mile in your gift-giving approach is one of the most effective ways to show your appreciation for someone. Don’t settle for a simple wine carrier bag like everyone else.  Check out the freshly launched collection of Wendell August’s Wine Presentation Boxes.  The boxes feature smooth wood with rounded sides, and aluminum slide-off lids with designs hammered into the exterior. The first box design is the “Celebrate” design, shown below. Celebrate Wine box VERT DETAIL124 1 The second is the personalized “Filigree” design shown below (perfect for any wedding you may be planning to attend). 12460241-Filigre_ENGRAVING-EXAMPLE--Horizontal And the last box choice is a limited edition autumn design complete with leaves, acorns, and the charisma of everything we love about fall.  But again, they are limited edition, so don’t wait to buy this design! 13802241-Autumn Product details and purchase information can be reached from HERE. Remember, your presentation is as important as your gift.  Sounds crazy, but it is true!  Present well, folks. Happiest of beautiful fall weeks to you all! Celebrate Wine box ALT Best119 1