Sports-Themed Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is a time not only to celebrate with the people we love but also to celebrate the things we love. For many of us, the latter includes our favorite sports. This year, commemorate your passion for the game - or give the perfect gift to the sports lover in your life - with a sports-themed Christmas ornament from our collection at Wendell August Forge. Our personalized sports ornaments are the perfect gift to make this holiday season extra special for all the sports players in your life.

Sports Ornaments for the Athlete in Your Life

Whether you're an avid athlete in one or more sports, or prefer to catch the games on T.V., nearly everyone loves sports. If you're a player, not only are sports great exercise and a fun pastime, but they come with the exciting challenges of competition, using strategy, building skills and strength, and working with others on a team. Since playing sports goes so far in building strength and character, it's no wonder parents usually encourage their kids to participate.

Let Wendell August Forge help provide that support and encouragement to your junior athletes, as well as older players and yourself, too! Our custom sports ornaments are the perfect way to show the sports-lovers in your life that you recognize and admire their passion. The popular sports featured in our ornaments include basketball, soccer, cheerleading, tennis, volleyball and gymnastics.

Our Longstanding Tradition of Quality

Each cleverly designed ornament is hand-wrought and cast in pewter, which never tarnishes or flakes. Using methods rooted in centuries-old metalworking techniques, every piece is uniquely fashioned with the signature elements of the expert die-cutter who engraved it and finished with their craftsman's mark. We take great pride in our tradition of meticulous handcrafted quality, a legacy at Wendell August Forge that began in 1923.

Starting with these pieces that are already distinctive works of art, you make them even more special by adding personalization. We engrave the name of your athlete in the plate at the top, making it a personalized sports ornament you will want to keep forever.

These top-quality sports Christmas ornaments will have a permanent spot on your yearly tree alongside your one-of-a-kind tree topper. However, they are just as delightful any time of year in your room, over your desk or anywhere in your home as an attractive reminder of the sport (or athlete) you love.

One Last Thing

By the way, you'll notice that our glass Pittsburgh Steelers Christmas Ornament is also included in this sports-themed collection. This colorful ornament makes a wonderful gift for the fan we mentioned earlier who prefers to catch the game on T.V. There's truly something for everyone at Wendell August Forge!