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City and Sports Ornaments

City and Sports Ornaments

Celebrate your favorite city or sports team with a personalized ornament.  Handcrafted.  American Made.  Lasts a lifetime.

Do you love to collect memorabilia from your favorite sports teams, schools, significant events or interesting places you've been? At Wendell August Forge, we not only understand, but have made it our goal to provide you with heirloom-quality remembrances of all these special occasions, adventures, people and milestones that have made up your life journey. In fact, honoring tradition, heritage and history has been our privilege for nearly a century.

Pennsylvania and Ohio Favorites

With our passion for honoring what is great, it's no surprise that we've created all sorts of exceptional ornaments commemorating amazing U.S. places, universities and sports teams. With the Wendell August Forge flagship store in Grove City, Pennsylvania, about 60 miles north of Pittsburgh, many of our pieces reflect the logos of nearby learning institutions, starting out with near-and-dear Grove City College. The Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Steelers are among our locally popular featured ornaments, as well as Penn State and University of Pennsylvania.

Our other store is located in Ohio, on the outskirts of Berlin in the middle of Ohio's Amish country. Situated in the historic Wendell Barn, this is our largest retail site, offering all kinds of Wendell August Forge giftware and seasonal craftsmen showcases. So naturally, Ohio sports teams, universities and colleges - like Ohio State, University of Akron and Kent State - are featured in many of our ornaments too.

Great Skylines of America

To balance our local themes, we've also been inspired by the many remarkable sights and places to visit around the U.S. and Canada. We are intensely proud of this country and its outstanding array of spectacular things to see and do. Check out our ornaments based on the skylines of Dallas, Indianapolis and Toronto. Or how about an ornament to remember your incredible trip to Niagara Falls?

By the way, if you prefer your ornament in a particular material or type of metal, you'll see that we've created our pieces from a wide range of elements, metal and otherwise. Glass, wood (including cherry wood), ceramics and Swarovski crystals are other resources we use in our handcrafted pieces, all fashioned by expert artisans and each truly unique.

Now comes the best part: Browsing all our exceptional ornaments and choosing your favorites for yourself or to give as gifts. Deciding may be difficult, but feel free to order several, because each one is exquisite.

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