Collegiate Christmas Ornaments

The best Christmas gifts reflect the unique identity of the gift recipient, and for those with a college affiliation or a favorite team, our collection of collegiate Christmas ornaments is the perfect place to begin. Shop our array of West Virginia, University of Pittsburgh, Penn State, University of Akron, and Ohio State collegiate Christmas ornaments to find the ideal piece for someone special this season.

College Christmas Ornaments to Display Year-Round

Most of us remember our college days with particular fondness. Whether you just graduated or are a 30-year alumnus, you can't help but feel a lifelong bond to the school you attended and its culture, perhaps including its sports teams. The abiding influence of your college experience is something to be acknowledged and celebrated, which is why Wendell August Forge has created a generous array of handcrafted and/or hand-forged collegiate Christmas ornaments to help you do just that.

We have college ornaments from over 15 colleges and universities, all of them located in Pennsylvania and Ohio, with the exception of West Virginia University, which is only about 80 miles from Pittsburgh. Our ornaments all reflect the pride we take in our local institutes of higher education, as well as their sports teams.

A Tradition of Handcrafted Quality

Speaking of pride in traditions, Wendell August Forge is passionate on that point. We handcraft our commemorative pieces using practices rooted in centuries-old metalworking techniques. Our ornaments are uniquely fashioned with the signature elements of the metalworking artisan who created it, and finished with their craftsman's mark, making each one a distinctive work of art. When you purchase a keepsake from Wendell August Forge, you're getting an item with more meaning because of the hand-wrought excellence, tradition and history behind it.

Most of our collegiate pieces are made from high-quality bronze, pewter and aluminum, along with a few crafted from glass or cherry wood. In addition, several are embellished with Swarovski crystals, which add to their appeal with a bit of sparkle. Furthermore, since the colleges are close to our Wendell August Forge flagship location, we're familiar with their atmosphere and culture. Because of this, we are able to incorporate designs and images that truly speak to the specific character of each one.

Forever Keepsakes

Several different styles are available for most colleges, so pick out your favorite or the one you think your friend or loved one from that school will treasure the most. Many are released as limited editions, making them even more distinctive. Consider giving yourself or someone else something they will keep forever, a beautiful symbol of fond collegiate memories that will be with them always.