Mini 4-Piece Nativity Set

Engraving Preview Background
Engraving Preview Background
Engraving Preview Background
Mini 4-Piece Scculpted Pewter Nativity Set
Tallest figures are approx. 2 in.; Stable is approx. 3.75 in.

Mini 4-Piece Christmas Nativity Set

Some of our fondest memories of growing and spending time with family revolve around decorating for Christmas. Among all the trees, houses, and lights, however, one of the most beautiful and reverent parts this activity is setting up the Nativity. Whether your scene is big or small, traditional or modern, it is the spiritual centerpiece of all Christmas decorations. If you’re going for something a little more minimal, try this mini nativity set from Wendell August Forge!

Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus

This miniature pewter nativity set features an abstract Mary, Joseph, stable and star, and the infant Christ in a manger. Due to its size, it can fit quite comfortably on any small surface, such as a mantle or bookshelf. The minimalist figures are framed beautifully by the star worked perfectly into the stable, symbolizing the message of hope and grace of the holiday season!

Explore Our Christmas Decorations

This Christmas nativity set is just one of our many beautiful handcrafted Christmas decorations. We have a wide assortment of figurines and ornaments that are all crafted with the care and quality that customers of Wendell August Forge have come to expect. Allow this mini nativity set to become a family heirloom loved by generations.

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