Mini 3-Piece Nativity Wise Men Set

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Mini 3-Piece Nativity Wise Men Figures Set One of the most memorable moments of decorating for the holiday is the inspiring act of setting up the Nativity. The grace and peace represented in the birth of Christ makes for a tranquil decoration that has been a staple decoration for decades. One of the most famous components of this story are the three wise men, a trio of kings who journeyed from oriental lands to see the messiah that the Lord had made known to them through a guiding star. Now, you can complete your collection of nativity figures with this gorgeous set of handcrafted three wise men figurines from Wendell August Forge! Handcrafted Pewter Carrying the classic traditional gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, these three wise men encompass the reverence and dignity that has been come to be associated with the complete nativity. These beautifully handcrafted nativity figures would be a fantastic decoration by themselves, but the absolute completing factor of our complete handcrafted pewter nativity set! Complete your decoration with these three wise men figurines! Buy Nativity Figurines at Wendell August Forge! Our Christmas decorations are just a small amount of what we have to offer here. For the utmost in craftsmanship and quality, look no further than your metalworking artisans at Wendell August Forge!
Material: Pewter
Dimensions: Tallest figures are approx. 2 in.