Handcrafted Ornaments celebrating the champion Pittsburgh Penguins.  Made for Pens fans, by Pens fans.  A portion of the proceeds of all Pittsburgh Penguins merchandise benefits the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation.

Penguins Ornaments & New Ten-Year Snowflakes Series

Go Penguins! Show your loyalty with one of these exquisite hand-forged metal ornaments from Wendell August Forge. With our flagship store in Grove City, you know we are diehard Penguins fans ourselves. Inspired by team spirit, we've designed and crafted a selection of keepsakes to honor our favorite hockey team.

This year is especially exciting because we are releasing the first of a special Pittsburgh Penguins ten-year series, the 2020 Annual Pittsburgh Penguins Snowflake Ornament. Available in aluminum and bronze, this ornament cleverly incorporates the Penguins logo within a snowflake design. As with all our hand-wrought pieces, the signature of the expert metal die-cutter is concealed in the artwork, and the craftsman's mark is hammered into the back. Start collecting now, at the very start of the series.

Our City of Champions Ornament is another outstanding ornament, with the Penguins logo in the center and a border inspired by some of Pittsburgh's iconic bridges, including David McCullough Bridge, Roberto Clemente Bridge, Andy Warhol Bridge, Smithfield Bridge and Hot Metal Bridge. This design is available in aluminum, as well as in a limited-edition collector's version, crafted from bronze and strikingly accented with Swarovski crystals.

The five-ornament Pittsburgh Penguins 5X Stanley Cup set is a perfect way to honor the team's attainment of this championship trophy five times throughout their franchise history. Or how about the three-piece Civic Arena Roof Collector's Series, created from the actual stainless-steel roof of the Civic Arena, longtime former home to the Penguins? This set is a remarkable and unique tribute to the team's history, triumphs and ongoing legacy.

Help Support the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation

It's important to know that part of the proceeds from these Wendell August Forge Penguins items benefits the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, giving you another great reason for ordering. The Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation assists Pittsburgh people in need, especially children. Their programs supporting wellness, education and youth hockey assist our local underserved citizens in building self-esteem, better health, and stronger community relationships.

Show your love for the Penguins and help Pittsburgh youth at the same time with the purchase of any of these ornaments. There is no better time than now, especially with 2020's challenges hitting hard everywhere, including Pittsburgh. Remember that in spite of all, it is only through unity that we will grow stronger.