Host a Tree Trimming Party

Nov 12th 2014

Tree-Trimming-ImageMany people will tell you that trimming the tree is their favorite Christmas tradition. If you’d like to share this joyous holiday ritual with friends and family, you’ll be glad to know that a tree trimming party is one of the easiest parties to throw!  Here are a few easy steps to get you started. Select the date. Plan now to ensure you give your guests plenty of notice – everyone knows how busy the holiday season gets. In order to dodge conflicts with office parties and similar events, consider a weeknight or weekend afternoon. Send invitations. Pick out something that goes with your theme and be sure to let peopPoinsettiale know they can come and go at their leisure, during the timeframe on the invitation. Holding the event “open house” style makes it easy for people to make an appearance and share in your festivities. Determine what refreshments to serve. You have several options for your menu, all of which are easy! One, if you think your guests are up for it, you could host it as a potluck. Alternatively, you could simply serve baked goods and cheese and crackers. Providing trays of munchies goes well with the open house format, and you don’t have to worry about preparing hot food. Finally, you could serve snacks plus a meal that’s easy to keep warm in a crockpot and is handy for people to serve themselves. Crockpot meatballs or pulled chicken sandwiches are always popular. For a snack, consider popcorn, which guests may also string for your tree! And don’t forget festive drinks like apple cider and hot chocolate – plus any adult beverages you prefer. Prepare some holiday activities. Create a holiday music play list or put on your favorite Christmas movie to help everyone get into the spirit. Other activities might include a holiday trivia game or a simple craft that kids can take home with them. Also, be sure to also take lots of photos, including before and after pictures of your tree.frame-ornaments Decorate your home. No need to overdo it, but put out some linens and decorative items with lots of green, red, silver, and gold. Decorating prep includes putting up your tree and stringing the lights. Organize your ornaments. Have all of your ornaments ready for placement on the tree. To avoid congestion around the tree, consider putting your ornaments in several decorative bowls or trays placed around the room. Ask each person to hang an ornament on your tree, as they arrive. Offer guests a party favor. If you have prepared a craft for guests, it could double as your party favor – something for your friends and family to take home as a memento of the event. Alternatively, consider giving guests a simple ornament, a small picture frame, or a snow globe as a way of saying thanks. By planning ahead for your party with this checklist, pulling it all together will make decorating your tree a snap. Plus, you’ll enhance the experience by involving your loved ones – and you’re certain to end up with a beautifully decorated tree! For handcrafted Christmas ornaments, décor, and entertaining essentials, visit