Winter Cardinal Round Plate

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Engraving Preview Background
Winter Cardinal Round Plate
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Set your holiday table with a stunning Winter Cardinal Round Plate. Perfect for entertaining or decor, it'll make a stunning addition to your home. Cut into metal by Master Die Engraver Len Youngo, it is a beautiful example of American craftsmanship. 

Unlike most birds, the cardinal does not migrate during winter.  Their stunning red burst of color is even more brilliant against a winter backdrop than the greens of summer. Our new winter collection celebrates their beauty, and each piece is a stunning display of craftsmanship and artistry. Perfect for a winter dinner party, or a centerpiece on your coffee table, the Winter Cardinal Collection will make your home ever more cozy.

This plate is produced ready to engrave with your own message. Any engraving shown is only suggestion. You will have to add the engraving you wish to have on your plate. 


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