Winter Cardinal Truffle Tray

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The Winter Cardinal Truffle Tray, like the Winter Cardinal Small Horizon Server and Winter Cardinal Luncheon Tray, is immediately impressive with its beautiful cardinal motif and intricate metal-engraved detailing. Like the other pieces in this collection, the truffle tray reflects the talents of master die cutter Ken Youngo. Hand-wrought here at Wendell August Forge, the largest and oldest working forge in the U.S., this tray and all our creations are imbued with the history and tradition of methods rooted in centuries-old metalworking techniques. Along with the meticulous craftsmanship devoted to each of our designs, we offer you gifts and keepsakes that bring timeless ambience to your home. The Winter Cardinal Truffle Tray can be used for a variety of entertaining purposes, or displayed for the simple joy of appreciating its enduring charm.
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 5" x 7"
SKU: 11850222