Waterfall Wine Holder


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Some designs are so bold they would impress if made from any material. This Waterfall Wine Holder is made from aluminum as you have never seen it, transformed by the signature Waterfall finish of Wendell August. First, the aluminum is carefully hand-hammered to give the metal its signature look, then brought to a high shine to give the appearance of rippling water; just like you see rolling away from the foot of a waterfall.Few things complete a great celebration, or a quiet night with friends and family for that matter, than a fine glass of wine. Hold the bottle in elegant suspense until the right time comes to uncork with our Waterfall Wine Holder. Each is handmade and so it is unique. Every piece made by Wendell August is made right here in the USA and comes with its own distinctive gift box. Celebrate in style with a piece that will inspire comment long after its contents disappear. It's the Wine Holder from Wendell August.
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 4 inches