Waterfall Sonoma Bowl


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The Sonoma bowl from the Waterfall Collection is a celebration of form and function. This bowl is modern, striking, solid and sturdy. This Waterfall Sonoma Bowl is a prime example of the Arc design style at work. The Arc design is very modern and upscale with abundant use of line and form. The Sonoma Bowl seems almost like fingers or petals reaching skyward. The design effect is heightened by the Waterfall finish of the metal. In this process, aluminum is intricately hand-hammered with a small peen. Then it is brought to a high shine to impart the distinctive pattern. Each Sonoma Bowl is handmade so each one is unique. In addition, every piece made by Wendell August is made right here in the USA. A handsome gift box accompanies each Sonoma Bowl for an added touch, at of course at no additional cost. Celebrate with the Sonoma Bowl from Wendell August.
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 3 Inches