Waterfall Chip and Dip Set


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The Chip & Dip Set from the Waterfall Collection from Wendell August is the essential entertaining piece for your next celebration. This one makes a statement while making a home for whatever munchies it holds. The tray is a circular shape with a low lip for convenience, accented by the white pottery cup. The tray makes a brilliant visual impression, fashioned using the signature Wendell August Waterfall Design. The aluminum is hand-hammered with a small peen and finished by bringing the metal to a high shine. The result is a piece which will brighten any occasion. Each Chip & Dip Set is individually made by hand, so each one is unique. Each comes with its own gift box, and everything made by Wendell August is made in the USA. Don't host another party without the Chip & Dip Set from the Waterfall Collection of Wendell August.
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 12 Inches