Snowflake Tree Topper


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Traditionally the star at the top of the Christmas tree symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem that the three wise men followed in their pursuit of the child that had been born, Jesus of Nazareth. The star we have designed this year is not like that of old. You won't find any plastic panels with dim lights behind them. There is not any colored tinsel, and certainly not any three dimensional geometric balls of light. Instead, we have put a modern twist on our star by borrowing design queues from one of winter's most beautiful and intricate masterpieces; the snowflake. Each Snowflake Tree Topper, like it's inspiration, is unique in and of itself. Their design is hand-hammered by the skilled artisan craftsman of Wendell August. This ensures they are on of a kind, and of the highest quality. We'll send it to you in a handsome gift box that bears the same hammer marks as the piece we have created for you. This box is perfect for either gift giving, or storage between seasons. Put a new twist on your Christmas tree this year with the Snowflake Tree Topper from Wendell August.
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: Approximately 10 Inches in diameter
SKU: 13681040HS