Inspirational Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is a time of hope, joy, love, and peace. And what better way to celebrate the season than with inspirational Christmas ornaments? At Wendell August Forge, we’ve crafted the most exquisite and timeless holiday decorations, including much loved inspirational quote ornament designs, Bible verse ornaments, and much more.

An Enduring Reminder of the Spirit of the Season

Each of the inspirational Christmas ornaments in our collection is designed using only the highest quality metals and most time-honored crafting techniques. This means that each individual quote ornament is of heirloom quality and intended to be treasured for a lifetime. Choose from a range of designs, including striking vintage artisan styles, faith-based ornaments, elegant two-tone pieces crafted from stamped copper and handcrafted pewter, and more. Each ornament is accompanied by a richly toned ribbon for hanging, as well as the option of custom engraving to create the perfect gift.

Find Your Inspiration

At Wendell August Forge, we’re thrilled to provide an unrivaled collection of inspirational Christmas ornaments. For help finding the perfect piece, we invite you to contact us anytime at or at (800) 923-4438. We look forward to helping you celebrate the season and to find your inspiration.

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