Couples’ First Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is all about celebrating with the ones you care for the most. To perfectly express the joy of the season, explore our collection of couples’ first Christmas ornaments at Wendell August Forge. Each piece in our collection features the authentic, time-honored craftsmanship for which our forge is known, and offers a stunning, original way to show the one you love just how much you care.

Christmas is about spending time with the people who are most special to you. When you find that special someone you will journey through life with as your partner, there is even more excitement to spend your first holidays with each other. A perfect gift to commemorate these special moments is with couples’ first Christmas ornaments from Wendell August Forge. These elegant and hand-made ornaments help capture the truly special nature of that year for you as a couple and will become a keepsake that you will treasure forever.

Tell Your Story

The best Christmas gifts (and ornaments) capture an event that lasts a day, but a memory that will last a lifetime. Choose from a variety of distinct styles, including exquisitely detailed signature wedding ornaments, dangling cut out wreath designs, icicle style drop ornaments, and a number of other couples’ first Christmas ornaments. For those hoping to add a personal touch, many of our ornaments can be personalized with custom engraving. Each item in our collection is originally designed and then expertly crafted by our team of dedicated artisans, and reflects centuries-old traditions of authentic metal working and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Find the Perfect Piece

More than anything, a Christmas ornament is a special marker to help you tell your own unique story. Find your favorite piece among our collection, and discover the perfect couples’ first Christmas ornament to decorate the tree with the one you love.

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