Personalized Wedding Plates

Weddings, Love and Love Birds

Of all life's special occasions, few are as exceptional and full of joy as weddings. With the theme of uniting two hearts and two lives into one, to build something greater than that which would have existed alone - well, it's easy to see how weddings can propel mere happiness to elation beyond measure! Since 1923, Wendell August Forge has been designing wedding plates to celebrate this auspicious occasion, pulling all the stops on our creativity and meticulous craftsmanship.

Some of our wedding plates, which are also wonderful for couples celebrating anniversaries, incorporate pairs of birds into their design as a fitting image for a couple in love. Actual love birds, the name given to small parrots from Africa and Madagascar, are called this because they are always seen in pairs. They are said to symbolize love, ecstasy, long-term commitment, loyalty and care.

Love birds were the inspiration for our wedding plate by that name, the Love Birds Wedding Plate. A pair of birds also appears in the Faith Hope and Love Birds Wedding Plate and Personalized Forever Decorative Plate. The artistic stylization of these plates - including not only the birds, but the flowers, leaves, decorative borders and other elements of the design - are simply magnificent. This intricate artwork is hand-engraved by a master die-cutter at Wendell August Forge, and then cast into aluminum or bronze. The entire process is painstaking and detailed, but the results are heirloom-quality pieces that become cherished treasures for generations.

Personalized Wedding Plates with Hearts

Hearts are another classic theme appearing on our plates, as seen in the Heart and Vine Signature Luncheon Tray, the Personalized Loveheart Decorative Plate and alongside the love birds in the Personalized Forever Decorative Plate. The image of a heart on our plates is especially excellent not only because it is the universal symbol of love, but because it can be filled with customized engraving of the names of the happy couple, along with the date being celebrated, and other meaningful personal messages.

Whether love birds, hearts, wedding bells or wedding rings, all our plates' images are stunning gifts for newlyweds or couples celebrating milestone anniversaries. Long after the day has passed, these amazing, handcrafted works of art by Wendell August Forge remain to instantly bring back those feelings of jubilation when you look upon them.