Message Maker Cutlery Sleeve (Set of 8)

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Themessage maker silverware pouchallows you to sayCongratulations. Thank You. Bon Voyage. You canmark any occasion with your own personalized message,oruse it to frame your guests' names for a one-of-a-kind place card. Comescomplete with 9 blank inserts....eight to be used twice (once on each side) and one extra,just in case there's a slip of the pen. Make it truly simple for yourself, and purchaseour pre-printed paper inserts. Available ineither an everyday or holiday collection. Set includes 8 woven jute silverware pouches adorned with a bronze metal frame. Packaged in a muslin, reusable storage bag.
Image is shown with a paper napkin & plastic silverware which are not included. Please note that jute is a natural fiber and variations in color and weave are part of the charm. If needed, spot clean with a wet cloth and mild detergent.