Limited Edition Silver-Plated Seasons of Love Ornament

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Limited Edition 1 of 95 Signed Ornaments: Our story began 95 years ago. To celebrate, we're handcrafting ONLY 95 of the Seasons of Love Ornament plated in silver, and signed by Master Die Engraver, Len Youngo.Among thegreatest in theworld, his paint brush is a chisel and his canvas is metal.For more than 30 years he has perfected his craft using centuries oldtechniques. Made in the USAbyhand, own apiece of history today. Here at Wendell August Forge, weve put our heart and soul into this stunning silver plated anniversary gift that can perfectly symbolize the love between newlyweds or those celebrating many years together, and it' one of our absolute finest wedding gift ornaments yet. Many poets and singers have said for hundreds of years that the most beautiful thing is to love and be loved in returned. With this Limited Edition Seasons of Love Silver Plated Ornament, weve taken that message to heart. Even as seasons change and years pass, the love you share with those close to you will always be there. This anniversary gift or wedding gift is aligned with the standards of international artist Alex Konahin, and is, without a doubt, one of the most intricate and meticulously crafted Wendell August Forge pieces to date.
Material: Silver Plated Solid Bronze
Dimensions: Approx. 4.25"x 5"
SKU: 91374415